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Sarah Grilo

b. 1919, Buenos Aires, Argentina - d. Madrid, Spain, 2007

Born in Buenos Aires in 1919.  Studied painting with Vicente Puig.  She had her first solo show at the Galería Palma in Madrid in 1949. In 1952, she was part of the Grupo de Artistas Modernos de la Argentina assembled by Aldo Pellegrini, and participated in their exhibit at the Viau gallery.  In 1956 she was part of the envoy to the Venice Biennial. In 1957 she settled in Paris with her husband, José Antonio Fernández Muro.

In 1960 she exhibited works with the Grupo de los Cinco at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and partook in the Premio Nacional of the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella. Grilo was part of the exhibit “Latin America: New Departures” at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art and the VI Sao Paulo Biennial, and she held a solo exhibition at the Bonino Gallery in Buenos Aires.  She won a Guggenheim fellowship in 1961 and the next year moved to New York. 

In 1964 she exhibited in “Magnet: New York” at the Bonino Gallery in New York and “New Art of Argentina”.  In 1965 she was selected to participate in Argentina en el mundo. Artes visuales 2. She returned to exhibit in “The Emergent Decade” (1966).

In 1967 she had a solo show at the Byron Gallery in New York.  In 1968 the art critics Jean Clarence Lambert, Cirici Pellicer and Dicken Castro give grant her an Adquisición Award in the first Ibero-American Biennial of painting that took place in Medellín (Colombia). In 1970, she moved to Madrid, Spain, where she continued to work and exhibit until her death on August 24, 2007.