Cecilia De Torres Ltd - Jesús Matheus: The Ideogram of Place


Jesús Matheus: The Ideogram of Place 2014 Autumn and Winter

Jesús Matheus

b. 1957 Caracas, Venezuela - lives in Boston, Massachusetts

Since 1973, Jesús Matheus has studied the art of print-making, both in his native Venezuela, as well as in Brazil. His paintings and drawings reflect this graphic background through their linear and textural layers.

Matheus executes drawings, paintings, and installations that evoke a history culled from the artist's research on culture and ethnicity, his expeditions throughout South America, and other personal experiences. He cites modern Latin American artists such as Joaquín Torres-García and Wifredo Lam, as well as indigenous and pre-Columbian craft and folk art, as strong influences on his geometrically minimalist artistic production.

In 2014, a solo exhibition of the artist's work was on view at Cecilia de Torres, Ltd. in New York. This show, entitled "Jesús Matheus: The Ideogram of Place," was curated by Juan Ledezma, and was accompanied by a catalogue of the artist's oeuvre.

Matheus has taught drawing and print-making at the Armando Reverón Institute in Caracas, and has exhibited extensively around the globe.

The artist's work is part of several public and private collections including: the Cisneros Foundation and the Carlos Cruz-Diez Museum of Illustration and Design in Venezuela; the Wifredo Lam Center in Cuba; and the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in New York.

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